Measuring Oxygen Level in the Blood - Virus 19

Monday, September 14, 2020

Pulse Oximeter (Credit to Insider)

We always hear and familiar with the word “ventilator,” a life saving device during current pandemic Covid 19.

Why Covid 19 patients need ventilator?

You might know that it is because low concentration of oxygen level in the blood, and the fact that virus drown the lung, thus lung can’t inhale and exhale air in normal ways.

How we can say our oxygen level is normal?

There are two common available methods:

1) Measurement of PaO2 (partial pressure of oxygen dissolved).

- the normal reading is 80 mm Hg

2) Measurement of Oxygen saturation or pulse Oxygen (SpO2).

- the normal level of oxygen is 95% to 100%

The lawn mower, just for illustration

You may have medical device called Pulse Oximeter to measure Oxygen saturation or pulse Oxygen at your home.

Oximeters are available in many stores or Pharmacy such as Walgreen, CVS, Target, Walmart or Amazon.

Prices of Pulse Oximeter are ranging from US$ 4.77 to US$ 299. Quite reasonable for me if price is about US$ 19.99.

Moreover, in case your Pulse Oxygen level below 90%, it is mean the oxygen level is not normal.

In addition to lower pulse oxygen level, people should go to hospital and need treatments when they face with conditions of:

- serious illness

- difficult to breathing

Do you think that should you have this kind of medical device available at your home?


  1. My husband just bought an oximeter, had no idea why, good post.

  2. Great information, thank you for sharing it. I have one of these, from my husband too.

  3. Great post. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Yep, we have an oxygen meter in our home. So far, it hasn't shown anyone living here in the "danger zone," but it is nice to have.

  5. Interesting post! We don't have this device but might be good to have on hand. Thanks for the info!

    1. I had to let you know that today Joe had an appointment at the Dr.s and they took our oxygen levels!! His was 98 and mine was 100. First time we had that done and I was happy to tell him all about your blog info which how I knew about it!!

  6. Someday we might need it but fortunately we are still doing OK.

  7. I do not have such a device at home
    so far I do not need it and let it stay that way
    best regards

  8. Yes I like Axe also a lot =) Smells good everytime.

    Interesting post, thanks for sharing =)

  9. Sehr interessant, ich dachte zuerst, es wäre ein Gerät zum Blutdruck messen. LG Romy

  10. Interesting, I didn't know;
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  11. I don't know that I think I need one, I get my levels checked every visit to the doctors so I think that is good enough

  12. Haven't heard about it before. Very interesting information.

  13. Stopping back by to say Hi. I hope all is going well with you. Wishing you all the best! Stay Safe, my friend!

  14. Interesting information. Thanks for sharing.

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  15. I think it could be really useful for people with respiratory issues!

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