Which Menus do You Like from Taco Bell Fast Food Restaurants?

Sunday, June 30, 2019
Self order

My last visit to Taco Bell, fast food restaurant was about 3 years ago or may be longer. I remember that we should queued up to order and pick our order.

Queue line was quite long, some times in lunch time. We could spend more than 30 minutes from order to pick up.

I saw at least two self order machines when I visited one of Taco Bell chains recently. Surprising me, automation can’t be avoided every where, here, in America.

Menus, no customer services

In case you never come to Taco Bell restaurants, especially for international friends that there are main menus:
- Tacos
- Buritos
- Quesadilas
- Nachos
- Vegetarian

These menus are Mexican menus with American taste. I always order Nachos, occasionally together with Burritos.

Nachos is Mexican food that found in America only. So, you can’t find Nachos in Mexico. 

Table at the corner

Nacho is a appetizer or snack originally, composed of tortilla chips, then covered with slices cheese.

Taco Bell chains sell what they called as a Nachos Bell Grande, which is the same with original Nacho which consist of tortilla chips, but difference covered.

The cover includes:
- ground beef
- diced tomatoes
- fried beans
- cheese sauce
- sour cream
- sprinkle green onions.

Two self order machines

Burrito is a food with ingredients which wrapped with a tortilla flour. The wrapped is “a closed ended cyclinder.”

Ingridients for US$ 1 Beefy Fritos Burritos are:
- seasoned ground beef
- cilantro rice
- cheese sauces
- fritos corn chips.

If you ever visited Taco Bell restaurant recently, what menus do you like?

Why Tsimane People, Bolivia Have the Healthiest Heart in the World?

Saturday, June 29, 2019
Illustration for Starchy foods

We knew that Japanese people, especially women have the healthiest heart in the world.

Their slim, drinking green tea sugar free, and eating fish promoted Japanese women for healthy hearts.

Recently, researches found that Tsimane People who live in the Amazon river, Bolivia have healthier heart compared to Japanese women.

If we compare the hearts of Tsimane to American people:
- Hearts of Tsimane people much more health than American average
- 80 years old of Tsimane people similar to health of 50 years old American heart.

Researchers refers to 3 important things that might responsible to Tsimane “excellent” heart conditions:
- Diet
- Physical activities
- Habits

Canoeing is one of physical activities

In respect to diet, Tsimane people eat low fat and high fiber foods. They consumed 70% of starchy foods:

- Banana (plantains)
- Rice
- Corn
- Manioc root
- Cassava

Source of protein comes from wild animals. They are hunting for mammals and fishing in the Amazon river for fish.

Banana is one of starchy foods

Tsimane tribe is slim in appearance, thus, obese no exist in the community. It is because they are physically active.

They are going every where such as for hunting, fishing, farming and enjoying by:
- Walking on foot
- Riding bicycle
- Canoeing of small boat
- Swimming in the river

Smoking for illustration only

Another good habit of Tsiname people have that they almost no smoking, thus in addition to hearts, they have healthy lung as well.

Would you like to copy the way of life of Tsimane tribe?

MATH 1280 Introduction to Statistics – Discussion 3 – Part 1

Friday, June 28, 2019

Mural is one of Street arts 
An important practice is to check the validity of any data set that you analyze. One goal is to detect typos in the data, and another would be to detect faulty measurements.” 
Recall that outliers are observations with values outside the “normal” range of values of the rest of the observations.”
Specify a large population that you might want to study and describe the type numeric measurement that you will collect,” few examples: 
- A count of things
- The height of people  
- A score on a survey
- The weight of something

What would you do if you found a couple outliers in a sample of size 100?” 
What would you do if you found two values that were twice as big as the next highest value?”

Illustration of a street art
You may use examples from your area of interest, such as”:
- Monthly sales levels of a product
- File transfer times to different computer on a network
- Characteristics of people “(height, time to run the 100 meter dash, statistics grades, etc.)”
- Trading volume on a stock exchange
- Other such things.

There is no requirement to use sources from the Internet, but if you use an idea or a quotation from any source, it should be cited.

The citation includes: 
- Putting the author and year at the end of the sentence
- and then adding a reference at the end to describe the source.

# To be continued at part 2

Did Your Place or State Get June Snow this Year?

Thursday, June 27, 2019
June snow in Colorado

Almost all states (49 out of 50 states) of America experienced snow in recent years. Florida was snow free state only.

If we look at data from National Climate Data Center back to a decade or several decades ago, there were 3 states snow free:
- California
- Florida
- Hawaii

In case of Louisiana that the state has snow fall around 0.1 day or two to three hours average in a year.

Moreover, I visited Colorado around May last year. I was surprised of snow in some places close to hills and mountains. Pile of snow was seen near by the streets.

Make me wonder that some areas of several states have snow in the middle of June. At least two states got snow in late June, 2019, they are:
- Colorado
- Montana

Light snow fall in Montana

Colorado got almost 2 feet (61 cm) of snow fall in summer this year, June 22, 2019. The last June snow was recorded almost 100 years ago, June 17, 1928.

Montana, another northern state of America experienced June snow this year. This state even had snow in July last year, 2018.

How about with your area, state or country? Do you experience with summer snow?

Are Thermopolia the First Fast Food Restaurant?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Thermopolia, a fast food restaurant in the ancient Roman

In modern era, many people believe (arguably) that White Castle is the first fast food restaurant in the world.

It was founded in Wichita, KS in 1921, then developed the chains across America. White Castle has 599 locations in 33 states until recently.

Some menus that the White Castle sells are:
- Slider with egg and cheese
- Hash Brown Nibblers
- Waffle Slider with Sausage
- Chicken rings
- Coffee
- Smoothie
- Many other soft drinks and beverages

One of menus in the White Castle fast food restaurant

Then, several decades after White Castle, two American fast food restaurants, KFC and McDonald open restaurant chains world wide.

These restaurants together with other American restaurants to be multinational corporations and present in almost any countries in the world.

Americans not only export high technologies, but also their tastes across the borders.

KFC menus for illustration only

We may wonder, did fast food and its restaurants invented or created in the modern era? The answer is no.

Ancient Roman is known as the first who invented fast foods and fast food restaurants in the world.

Thermopolia were restaurants to sell hot things that ready to eat. In fact, they sold hamburgers, fish sauces, baked cheeses, hot drinks and many others.

Who are the consumers? Common people, include poor people who have no time to prepare their own food.

Not like modern fast food restaurants, the Thermopolia had small rooms to provide services of take out food only.

It is interesting for me, how about you?

Have You Ever Tasted a Super Hot of Habanero Pepper?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Habanero and other peppers

I found many kind of peppers when I visit Mexican and Asian groceries couple days ago, few are:
- Habanero
- Jalapeno
- Poplano
- Pasilla
- Puya
- Serrano

Habanero is interesting hot pepper for me. First, its origin. Many people thought it is a Chinese pepper. Malaysian even called it as “Coronong” chilli.

In fact, Habanero is origin from Peru, then disseminated by Spanish to many parts of the world.

Second, it is said that Habenero is one of the hottest pepper in the world. Several other hot peppers include:
- Caroline reaper
- Trinidad moruga scorpion
- Naga viper
- Ghost pepper
- Komodo dragon

Habanero in a grocery

The hot or heat or spiciness of peppers is scaled in what we call as Scorville Heat Units (SHU). This unit is based on concentration of capsaicinoids in the peppers.

The higher the concentration of capsaicinoids, then the higher the scale units, thus, the higher spiciness or hit or hot. We can feel it in our tongue when we taste or eat those peppers.

Jus for illustration that Habanero has 100 thousand to 350 thousand SHU scale, and Jalapeno has around 5 thousand SHU scale.

We could conclude that Habanero is much more spicy or hot or heat compared to Jalapeno.

We buy Habanero for making sauces or ingredient in our food recipes. Sometimes, we use it to make salsa or salads.

It is said that Habanero has health benefits:
- Capcaisin in habanero could prevent weight gain
- Improve metabolism
- Lower blood cholesterol
- Lower blood pressure

Have You Ever Tasted a Super Hot Habanero Pepper? 

Why Neon Tetra Fish is Good For Aquarium?

Monday, June 24, 2019
A neon tetra in aquarium

I occasionally visit pet shops which sell ornamental fish, in case I visit, I always see that the stores provide tetra neon (Paracheirodon innesi).

Super market such as Wall mart, in its garden section or section of pet foods for cat and dogs, we can find fish for aquarium, include neon tetra.

There are many species of ornamental fish, price could be from US$ 1 to US$ 25. Some species of fish are:

- Neon tetra
- Platy
- Kissing gouramy
- Fancy guppy
- Zebra danio
- Swordtail
- Guppies
- Oscar
- Discus
- Bettas

Schooling of Neon tetra in aquarium

What make me wonder is that I could find Neon tetra in every pet shops for ornamental fish or any shops which sell ornamental fish.

The question then, Why Neon Tetra Fish? is Good For Aquarium?

Based on reading, neon tetra is the most popular ornamental fish not only in the USA, but also world wide. The reasons are:

- Reasonable price
- Easy to take care, thus good for beginner
- Colorful or pretty
- Peaceful
- Lively

Tetra neon in natural habitat

Peru or Latin America is natural habitat of Neon tetra. The fish is easy to keep in an aquarium. Around 20 fish may live in a small aquarium.

In nature, neon tetra has life span of 10 years, but 5 years in aquarium. Size around 1 inch (2.54 cm). Fish eat any flake foods.

Do you have an aquarium? What fish you keep in your aquarium?

What is a Fiber Painting or Fiber Art?

Sunday, June 23, 2019
A beautiful bird with crown

I just saw from a distance that there is “paintings” exhibition in the library. When I approach, a notice said: “An exhibition of mixed media fiber art.”

What? What is Fiber Painting or Fiber Art Means?

I know about fiber arts and watch about it several times in the TV, but I never see in personal of fiber painting.

I tried to search in google about fiber art and fiber painting. I got some information about a fiber, fiber art and fiber painting.

Two type of fibers, natural and man made fibers. Most known natural fibers are:
- Linen
- Cotton
- Wool
- Silk

Several types of guitars

Some examples of synthetic fibers are following:
- Spandex
- Acrylic
- Polyester
- Nylon
- Rayon
- Polyethylene

Fiber art is fine art which utilized fiber (either natural or man made) to form any kinds of arts.

Fiber painting is painting which using techniques of sewing, weaving, stitching, dyeing and other traditional techniques to create any style of painting. 

Diving activities

The base materials for fiber paintings could be laces, trim, threads and yard. The results like other painting, then, hanging on the wall.

I think fiber paintings are great, no different with painting as I know. They are so beautiful. Highly aesthetic values.

Several fiber paintings are hanging on the wall

Like other paintings, fiber paintings have style too. They are grouped based on such as concepts, medium and techniques.

This kind of painting is getting broader audiences recently, because this art form are:
- Easy to understand
- Using familiar stuffs
- Techniques are moderate, not difficult

Do you know about “fiber painting?”

MATH 1280 Introduction to Statistics – Learning Journal 2

Saturday, June 22, 2019
Illustration of Sorting data in R program

Question 1. Learning Journal Reflective Comments:
First three days of second week, as usual, I read “learning guide unit 2.” I try to understand the topic, what chapter of reading assignment, what is discussion topic. And what is assignment about. Then, I write discussion and post it in the forum.
I learn the topics of second weeks that are the Sampled Data and Reading Data into R. Then, I complete the assignment unit 2. The assignment is quite challenging with many problems to solve by R program.
The last part of second week of study is writing journal about daily activity. After completing the journal, I post it for grading. Fill out the quiz of unit 2 is part of learning process for second week. 

Question 2. Vocabulary and R functions
a) Define the word frequency as it was used in Chapter 2 (include an APA citation).
“A frequency is the number of times a given datum occurs in a data set” (Yakir, 2011, p.17)

b) Define the phrase relative frequency as it was used in Chapter 2 (include an APA citation).
“A relative frequency is the fraction of times a value occurs” (Yakir, 2011, p.17)

c) What is the difference between frequency and relative frequency?
Frequency could be said as the rate of occurrence, while relative frequency is the fraction of how many times a result occurs over the total number of tries. Relative frequency can be obtained by simple calculation.

Orchid for illustration only

Question 3. More practice with R
a) Run interactive R and then run this command:
[1] "C:/Users/Tanza/Documents"
It is mean that the output is saving in the document (directory)

b) Run the following command and paste the output into your learning journal to demonstrate that you have the file:
ex.1 <- read.csv('ex1.csv')
The output (result) is following:
id      sex      height
Min. :1538611 FEMALE:54 Min. :117.0
1st Qu.:3339583 MALE :46 1st Qu.:158.0
Median :5105620 Median :171.0
Mean :5412367 Mean :170.1
3rd Qu.:7622236 3rd Qu.:180.2
Max. :9878130 Max. :208.0

Yakir, B. 2011. Introduction to Statistical Thinking (With R, Without Calculus). Retrieved From https://my.uopeople.edu/pluginfile.php/157314/mod_resource /content/3/Intro Stat.pdf