Can Fish in the Tank Improve Your Health? - Gardening and hobby 3

Friday, September 18, 2020

Fish in the tank

Million Americans, and their number are growing well year by year to have fish in the tank as a pet.

There are many list of most popular freshwater fish, I just quote 10 fish (my source is: 19 Most Popular Freshwater Fish for Your Aquarium):

- Beta fish

- Fancy guppy fish

- Mollies

- Angelfish

- Rasboras

- Rainbow fish

- Plecostomus

- Swordtail platy

- Corydoras catfish

- Neon tetra

Koi, ornamental fish in the small pond

In case of Neon tetra, this is a good fish for aquarium. We may finds this fish at almost aquarium shops (please see my previous post: Why Neon Tetra Fish is Good For Aquarium?) with advantages:

- reasonable price.

- easy to handle

- beautiful

- lively and peaceful fish

Moreover, Can Fish in the Tank Improve Your Health?

Yes, our health may improve by looking aquarium fish. It is said that some health advantages:

- lower stress

- make more sleep

- feel better

- lower heart rate

- lower blood pressure

- body will function better

Do you have fish as a pet? What is aquarium size do you have?

Measuring Oxygen Level in the Blood - Virus 19

Monday, September 14, 2020

Pulse Oximeter (Credit to Insider)

We always hear and familiar with the word “ventilator,” a life saving device during current pandemic Covid 19.

Why Covid 19 patients need ventilator?

You might know that it is because low concentration of oxygen level in the blood, and the fact that virus drown the lung, thus lung can’t inhale and exhale air in normal ways.

How we can say our oxygen level is normal?

There are two common available methods:

1) Measurement of PaO2 (partial pressure of oxygen dissolved).

- the normal reading is 80 mm Hg

2) Measurement of Oxygen saturation or pulse Oxygen (SpO2).

- the normal level of oxygen is 95% to 100%

The lawn mower, just for illustration

You may have medical device called Pulse Oximeter to measure Oxygen saturation or pulse Oxygen at your home.

Oximeters are available in many stores or Pharmacy such as Walgreen, CVS, Target, Walmart or Amazon.

Prices of Pulse Oximeter are ranging from US$ 4.77 to US$ 299. Quite reasonable for me if price is about US$ 19.99.

Moreover, in case your Pulse Oxygen level below 90%, it is mean the oxygen level is not normal.

In addition to lower pulse oxygen level, people should go to hospital and need treatments when they face with conditions of:

- serious illness

- difficult to breathing

Do you think that should you have this kind of medical device available at your home?

Attracting Hummingbirds by Suitable Feeder at Backyard

Friday, September 11, 2020


A hummingbird feeds on sweet water, just for illustration

The hummingbird is one of beautiful and unique birds, many people love and have tried to attract it to come to their own yards.

It is estimated that there are about 340 species hummingbirds in the nature. Unfortunately, no hummingbirds are found in these following regions:

- Europe

- Africa

- Asia

- Antartica

Yes, the birds are found in America continent only, from South to Alaska. They are living in very wide variety areas:

- Desert

- Forest

- Below sea level areas

- Higher mountains with more than 16,000 feet (5,000 m) height.

Pictures of hummingbirds, illustration only

We have plenty of hummingbirds living in our neighborhood. It is reported at least there are 12 kinds.

Some of well known species are:

- Rufous hummingbird

- Ruby throated hummingbirds

- Spot Anna

- Black chinned hummingbirds

- Broad tailed hummingbirds

There are plenty ways to attract hummingbirds to visit our gardens. However, we use bird feeder as other people do.

First, we make solution of nectar (likely nectar) with mix of:

- 1 part of solution is sugar.

- 4 part of solution is water

Then, find the perfect spot. The location of feeder is eye-catching spot for birds. Usually in the bright place with little bit shades.

Do you love hummingbirds or any birds? 

Mustang Car Fun Club in Our City

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mustanger in neighborhood

We knew that “Mustanger” refers to people who take care wild mustangs (Western plain wild horses of America) about 19th century.

Now, the word of “Mustanger” is used to people who are member of Mustang Car Fun Club.

There are thousand of members across America, and there are clubs almost in every big cities in the USA.

The goals of the club are to:

- preserve the popularity of Mustang

- keep existing of Mustang car in the market .

We saw “Mustanger” farewell parade in our neighborhood recently. A lot of different type of Mustang, old and new cars for the parade.

One of old Mustangs

Everyone may become the club member, if they have Mustang car. The cost of membership is US$ 30 per year.

A Mustang car, just for illustration only

There are many activities of club include monthly meeting, local show and yearly travel to regional or national car show.

Moreover, some benefit of membership:

- getting list of Mustang activities all over the world

- receive windshield decals

- discount on buying of new Ford cars, include Mustang

- can become certified judges on Mustang shows

- may elect and run local or national board of directors

Do you know about Mustang Car Fun Club in your City or country? Have you seen show or parade of Mustang car?

BinaxNOW - Quick, Cheap and Accuracy of Covid 19 Test – Virus 18

Friday, September 4, 2020

Card and application for an antigen test (credit to Alere)

We talked about tools or instruments for testing of Corona virus on several previous posts:

Is there Affordable Kit to Detect Corona Virus? - Virus 2

The Fastest Test with RT-PCR Technology Based – 5 Minutes Result - Virus 7

Should We Get Covid-19 Antibody Test to Avoid Lock-down? - Virus 10

What are important different between the available test methods?

1) Old Fashion PCR test

- this “Polymerase Chain Reaction” test is based on detection of virus (SARS Cov2) genetic sequences.

- using expensive and complicated instruments, and run by professional.

- take several days to know the result

Beautiful cat, just for illustration

2) Antibody test

- after exposing to SARS Cov2 virus, the antibodies may be detected in the blood.

- the same with PCR test in term of expensive, complicated machine and long hours result to know

3) “BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card”

- this is a new test based on detection of antigen on Corona virus or detection of molecular structure of antigen on Corona virus surface.

- simple, quick result and very cheap.

The “BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card” is created by Abbott Laboratories, and has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The card, credit card size is accompanied with nasal swab and extraction reagent. Nasal swab is stuck to card, then connect to mobile (Cell Phone) application called as Navica.

Result can be seen in 15 minutes with cost US$ 5 only. The accuracy of test is 97.1% to 98.5%.

We may show our test results to enter public buildings such as schools, offices and even groceries. Make everybody convenient. 

Red Amaryllis is a Flower which to Grow – Gardening and hobby 2

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Red flowers in the yard

Blooming period of Red Amaryllis has been over, usually from January to July, about 7 to 10 weeks duration.

It is need about 6 to 8 or 10 weeks to grow plants from beginning until they produce flowers. We should begin as late as December to have flower blooming in the Spring.

We know, Amaryllis plants (Hippeastrum sp.) have many varieties, some of well known are:

- Red Lion

- Summertime

- Fairy Tale

- Matterhorn

- Ice Queen

- Apple Blossom

Flowers surround the old big tree

Plant could grow well in pot with:

- good soil with little bit fertilizer

- indirect, but bright light

- watering every day.

Flowers are common to be used as decoration during holiday, and cut flowers for gifts on a special day.

Be careful that Amaryllis plants are poisonous for humans and pets. The toxic parts are:

- leaves

- stem

- bulb.

Red Amaryllis is good both for indoor and outdoor. However, the plant is easy to grow in yard or garden.

The flower is perennial (tend to perennial). Its life span is quite longer, could reach to 75 years.

Have you ever known about Amaryllis flowers? What varieties do you like?

How Immune System Work to Fight Covid 19? – Virus 17

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Fig-01- The summer hat for women, just for illustration

We might wonder why some people could survive after infected of Corona virus, Sar Cov 2, Covid 19?

The simple answer is that because they have “very good” immune system. We have at least 7 component of immune systems:

- antibodies

- white blood cells

- the lymphatic system

- the spleen

- the thymus

- the bone marrow

- the complement system

Of these 7, the white blood cells are a major component of the body's immune system.

Fig-02- White bulb, flowers, just for illustration

White blood cells have sub-type called a Lymphocyte. Sub-type Lymphocyte have crucial cells:

- natural killer cells

- T cells

- B cells

When corona virus infected our body, our immune system produced antibodies and T cells to fight corona virus, Sar Cov 2.

Unfortunately, those who dead, it is because their immune system not react properly, not enough to produce antibodies and no or less respond of T cells to combat corona virus.

These facts are supported by research from several institutions:

- Erasmus University Medical Center and La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI), Holland, by observed 10 infected patients of Covid 19.

- the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne hospital, Australia showed that a 40 years old, healthy woman was able to survive from corona virus infection.

Hope, our own immune system is in “perfect” condition to fight virus, while we are waiting vaccine and drugs.

Cutting Down Trees Due to Fungus Diseases - Gardening and hobby 1

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Chunk of woods

Our neighborhood and some Southern states trees have been attacked by diseases in the last 3 years.

We may know some diseases which could cause sick, and eventually dead of trees. The diseases are:

1) Dutch Elm diseases

The diseases caused by beetle, originally from Europe, and spread in many cities in the USA now days.

2) Armillaria Root Rot

It is a fungal diseases on rotting woods. This kind of fungi may infect living trees as well.

3) Black Knot Disease

A kind of fungi, attack on branches. Spreading from one tree to other trees during rainy season.

Branches and twigs

4) Bur Oak blight

This diseases caused by fungus called Tubakia dryina. We may see spots on leaves, then make leaves fall off the trees.

5) Spruce Decline

Fungus caused bald branches of blue spruce trees, then gradually make branches die, and fall. Diseases spreading to many parts of America.

Wood trunks, ready to pick up

6) Fruit tree diseases

One of well known diseases infects fruit trees is “Apple Scab.” Yes, the fungi caused green or brown spots of apple trees. Fallen leaves in great number may followed by tree death later on.

Moreover, we believed that our trees and neighborhood trees are infected by diseases called as “white powder.”

White spots are everywhere: roots, trunk, branches and twigs. We tried to save some trees by fungicide. It seems not work well.

Do you have trees in your backyard or garden? Do they have diseases?

Blue Crab from Gulf of Mexico

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

 Small size blue crab

We just got discount offer of boiled crabs from our neighborhood restaurant, bargaining price a big size crab US$ 12 a dozen.

Original price is US$ 36 a dozen, so we got a lot of discount, at least 70% of market price.

Many people love crabs or crustaceans or seafood, but, except fish, I got “allergic” if consume too much.

The crab is come from Gulf of Mexico and Western Atlantic Ocean, and called in different names:

- the blue crab

- Atlantic blue crab

- Chesapeake blue crab

Fresh blue crabs

Their population are spreading from Canada (Nova Scotia) to Maine (USA) to Latin America (Argentina).

Adult crab breeding in offshore waters, then larvae swim into coastal lines, and even into estuary waters to grow to consume size:

- weight, 5 to 16 oz (142 to 454 gr)

- length, include claws is 7.1 to 7.9 inches (18 to 20 cm).

Do you like crab? Why?

Two Countries with Zero New Cases of Covid 19 – Virus 16

Saturday, August 22, 2020

 Two Peacocks, just for illustration

Americans have faced worse Corona virus crisis compared to some other countries such as:

- Brazil

- India

- Russia

- Mexico.

As of today, not like other industry countries, gloomy data shown on pandemic of Covid 19 in the USA:

- 5.6 million infected cases

- 174.6 thousand total deaths

- 171 infected cases per 1 million people

However, the virus had affected to almost all countries of the world with 23.3 million total infection cases and 806 thousand death.

The wall art, illustration only

Luckily, two countries have no new cases in recently, they are:

- Saint Lucia

- Mauritius

Saint Lucia is an island in Caribbean, no dead record due to Covid 19. The total cases 25 only. No new infection cases recently.

Population is 183,000, thus 0 (zero) cases per 1 million people. The lowest in the world.

Another country with no new cases of Corona virus is Mauritius. You might not know this country where about.

Mauritius is a country consists of 16 islands, locates in Indian ocean, by the coast off Madagascar.

Total population is about 1.27 million. In term of Covid 19, total infected cases are 344 with total death was 10. Hence, almost 0 (zero) cases per 1 million people

These two countries have a very good health system to overcome Covid 19 pandemic crisis. Industry countries such as USA should learn from these two developing nations.

Hope, Corona virus disappear soon.